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An Architect's View of Hazelcast

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Hazelcast 3.5.4 (Latest, stable) — built 11/25/2015

Download includes all Hazelcast JAR files, Reference Manual & Javadocs, Code Samples, demo files, and Management Center WAR file.

ZIP TAR.GZ Code Samples Only Reference Manual Javadocs
  • Maven
  • Gradle
  • Docker

Get hazelcast-3.5.4.jar with Maven

Copy and paste the following snippet into your build:


Get Hazelcast 3.5.4 with Docker Docker Icon

Pull hazelcast docker image from Docker registry via this command:

docker pull hazelcast/hazelcast

After that you should be able to run Hazelcast docker image by:

docker run -ti hazelcast/hazelcast

Get hazelcast-3.5.4.jar with Gradle

Copy and paste the following snippet into your build:

compile "com.hazelcast:hazelcast:3.5.4"

Development Releases (Not stable)

For all previous versions of Hazelcast, please see the Download Archives.

Hazelcast Clients

Java Client

You can use the native Java client to connect to Hazelcast nodes. All you need is to add hazelcast-client.jar into your classpath. hazelcast-client.jar is already bundled in hazelcast standard package together with the required dependency hazelcast.jar.

.NET Client

You can use the native .NET client to connect to Hazelcast nodes. All you need is to add HazelcastClient3x.dll into your .NET project references. The API is very similar to the Java native client.

C++ Client

You can use Native C++ Client to connect to Hazelcast nodes and perform almost all operations that a node can perform. Clients differ from nodes in that clients do not hold data. The C++ Client is by default a smart client, i.e. it knows where the data is and asks directly for the correct node. You can disable this feature (using the ClientConfig::setSmart method) if you do not want the clients to connect to every node.

Hazelcast Simulator 0.6 — built 09/02/2015

Last year, we developed a production simulator and stress testing tool to test our Hazelcast releases and reproduce gnarly bugs. We are now releasing that to the community as Hazelcast Simulator. Now you can test Hazelcast for your specific hardware, OS, Java version, network configuration, Hazelcast configuration, feature use and load characteristics. Hazelcast Simulator can be run on-premise, on Amazon EC2 and on Google Compute Engine.

You can test Hazelcast for real-life production problems like network problems, overloaded CPU and failing nodes. It also provides a benchmarking and performance-testing platform. Finally it integrates with various out-of-the-box profilers.

Hazelcast Simulator lets you:

  • Simulate the expected throughput/latency of Hazelcast with your specific requirements during the pre-production phase of your deployment.
  • Test if Hazelcast behaves as expected when implementing new functionality in your project.
  • Standardize your application deployment process with a battery of rigorous tests.
  • Ease Hazelcast upgrades between versions using simulations to identify and remediate issues in advance.

Download Hazelcast Simulator 0.6:

ZIP TAR.GZ Hazelcast Simulator Docs

Hazelcast 3.6 EA2

Get early access to our latest development release, Hazelcast 3.6 EA2. (Unstable, built 11/25/2015)

What's new in 3.6 EA2

  • More performance
  • More clients
  • More cloud
  • And now persistence

ZIP | TAR.GZ Reference Manual Javadocs

Get it with Docker #

docker run -ti hazelcast/hazelcast:3.6-EA2

Hazelcast Enterprise

Hazelcast Enterprise is a commercially licensed product that expands on the core Hazelcast feature set.

Additional Features include:

  • JAAS Security Suite
  • Off-Heap Memory
  • WAN Replication
  • Tomcat Clustered Web Sessions
  • Continuous Query
  • Clustered REST & JMX

See the full comparison...

Try Hazelcast Enterprise
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