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Clients & Languages Compatibility

Hazelcast IMDG clients and programming language APIs allow you to extend the benefits of operational in-memory computing to applications in these languages. All of these clients and APIs are open source and supported by Hazelcast.

Hazelcast Cluster Version:

  • 3.4.x
  • 3.5.x
  • 3.6.x - 3.12.x

Supported Clients:

Client Version
Java Client 3.4.x 3.5.x 3.6.x - 3.12.x
.NET Client 3.6.x - 3.12.x
C++ Client 3.6.x - 3.12.x
Python Client Not Supported Not Supported 3.6.x - 3.12.x
Scala Member Binding
Scala Client Binding
Node.js Client 0.1.x - 0.9.x
Go Client 0.1 - 0.4