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Scala for Hazelcast IMDG

About Scala for Hazelcast IMDG

With the Scala API for Hazelcast IMDG®, the fastest open source caching solution is now available to Scala applications. Elastically scale Scala caching. Hazelcast® is an excellent Redis alternative when scaling and speed are of importance.

The Hazelcast-Scala API is based on Scala 2.11 and Hazelcast 3.6, but does not define them as hard dependencies, so make sure to also include the relevant Hazelcast dependencies.

Quick Start

import com.hazelcast.config._
import com.hazelcast.Scala._

val conf = new Config
val hz = conf.newInstance()


Download on Github.

Learning Resources

Support This Plugin is Community Supported

Scala for Hazelcast is community supported. Jump into the discussion on the Google Group or Stack Overflow.

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