Get Started

Get Started

These guides demonstrate how to get started quickly with Hazelcast IMDG and Hazelcast Jet.

Hazelcast IMDG

Learn how to store and retrieve data from a distributed key-value store using Hazelcast IMDG. In this guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a cluster of 3 members.
  • Start Hazelcast Management Center
  • Add data to the cluster using a sample client in the language of your choice
  • Add and remove some cluster members to demonstrate data balancing capabilities of Hazelcast

Hazelcast Jet

Learn how to build a distributed data processing pipeline in Java using Hazelcast Jet. In this guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Install Hazelcast Jet and form a cluster on your computer
  • Build a simple pipeline that receives a stream of data, does some calculations and outputs some results
  • Submit the pipeline as a job to the cluster and observe the results
  • Scale the cluster up and down while the job is still running

Hazelcast Continuous Query with Drilldown Trade Monitoring Reference Architecture

White Paper

A common need in trade monitoring platforms is to provide a live feed of individual trading actions and to enrich this view with collated information derived from these actions, such as trade volume since market opening.

This reference architecture paper describes a solution using the Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform to ingest, index, and store stock trading data for fast querying. Back office analysts responsible for risk assessment and regulatory compliance get greater visibility into trades in a near-real-time manner without the expense and complexity of a front office system.

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