Get Started

Get Started

These guides demonstrate how to get started quickly with Hazelcast IMDG and Hazelcast Jet.

Hazelcast IMDG

Learn how to store and retrieve data from a distributed key-value store using Hazelcast IMDG. In this guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a cluster of 3 members.
  • Start Hazelcast Management Center
  • Add data to the cluster using a sample client in the language of your choice
  • Add and remove some cluster members to demonstrate data balancing capabilities of Hazelcast

Hazelcast Jet

Learn how to build a distributed data processing pipeline in Java using Hazelcast Jet. In this guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Install Hazelcast Jet and form a cluster on your computer
  • Build a simple pipeline that receives a stream of data, does some calculations and outputs some results
  • Submit the pipeline as a job to the cluster and observe the results
  • Scale the cluster up and down while the job is still running

Credit Value Adjustment Calculation Reference Implementation

White Paper

This reference implementation whitepaper discusses the implementation details behind the use of Hazelcast as a cloud-native foundation (public or private) for a cost-effective, “straight-through-processing” credit value adjustment risk calculation system. A combination of in-memory storage, stream processing, and distributed computing serves as a model for a large-scale calculation that involves tens of thousands of CPU cores.

Financial services firms looking to reduce cost while adding capabilities and agility to their risk calculation processes should explore this paper to see how Hazelcast can help.

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