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"If you want performance, a simple API, and excellent support, go for Hazelcast. It is not often you come by tools with this flat learning curve! Our persistence framework is based on Hazelcast, and it is faster than any ORM tool we have tested."

Atle Prange, Businesscape

"Hazelcast let us quickly and easily implement the functionalities we need in our mission-critical telecom applications. With its ease of use, it took only five minutes to get productive. We tried the other products in the market but our choice was Hazelcast because it does what it says and performs quite well. We thank you for creating such a great product and providing the exceptional support we need."

Yusuf Soysal, Turkcell Teknoloji

"Hazelcast forms the foundation for the clustering of our financial messaging solution. With its easy-to-use implementation of clustered lists, maps and queues, it provides all the building blocks we needed to enhance our hub with fail-over and load-balancing features. We’ve been running load-tests over weeks, processing millions of messages in a clustered environment without any problems. I was also very impressed with the team’s professional responsiveness to any issues we encountered during the development process."

Marc Binck, CTO, B2 Hub S.A.

"Hazelcast solves cluster based issues with a simple, yet elegant solution. Using memory and backend communication, makes Hazelcast perfect for certain data. It also has a straight-forward and predictable API which is nice. We use it for inter-server communication using its publish-subscribe feature. We also rely on it for enhanced performance with Hazelcast caching certain frequently accessed data, our speeds were sped up dramatically. Finally, I believe that it makes our codebase easier to understand and thus more maintainable. It’s not the right tool for every problem, but just having it available helps us resolve some very thorny issues with finesse."

Dan Finkelstein, Senior Software Engineer, Dan Finkelstein

"Writing some unit tests tonight and I have to say that the ability to run 2 Hazelcast cluster instances within a single JVM is one of the greatest features of Hazelcast… To have the ability to do real cluster testing in Junit tests…. priceless

We’re using Hazelcast for a number of MuleESB services we’re implementing. Distributed caching of various datasources (db and remote web/JMS service calls) and also idempotency checks are common use-cases where Hazelcast is a nice fit.

The ability to coordinate scheduled tasks amongst several active nodes and gate them via the Am I the first node in the cluster test is both simple and extremely useful: Set members = hazelcastInstance.getCluster().getMembers(); boolean firstNodeInCluster = members.iterator().next().localMember(); In our Mule services we have a couple of batch/file integrations fired off by events from Mule’s built-in Quartz connector, and this is a nice way to both ensure that one and only one active instance actually processes the Quartz event, plus ensure that there is always at least one active node that will process the event if the #1 Node goes away."

Jeffrey Trimm, GSI Commerce Inc

"You’ve created a really exceptional product and its great to see that you’ve open sourced it. I can see lots of really interesting use cases with all the data structures you have provided."

Alex Hyde

"Great work, Hazelcast really is a pleasure to use compared to similar toolkits, i’ve got it running as the distribution technology in Apache Tuscany and Hazelcast made it really easy to do."

Ant Elder, Apache Tuscany Committer

"A year back I came to know about Hazelcast through wikipedia, I was impressed immediately and it still impresses me every day. The source code is very easy to understand, object graph is not at all complicated. Configuration XML file is also limited and it is optional. I have studied Coherence, GridGain and other similar frameworks for past few years, but Hazelcast is the simplest, and easy to use, it is the BEST. I can say this confidently after going through every line of code of Hazelcast. It is small, simple and does great job."

Sagar Ipte

"Been playing around and am really impressed with how easy this is!"

David Tattersall

"Very Responsive. I sent in an issue early Friday evening and had a response within 24 hours. The issue was fully resolved in a follow-up exchange. Your responsiveness allowed us to keep our evaluation on schedule. Thank you..."

Terry Lillie, Ellie Mae

"Fuad was exceptionally good in identifying the issue and providing the right guidance and solution."

G. W., OpenSCG

"Changes were done to HZ release 3.2-RC2 based on this issue, which proves the support is very good and responsive."

Federico Piagentini, IT Architect, eTrade

"A quick and accurate answer was provided for the question at hand."

Federico Piagentini, IT Architect, eTrade

"Superb response time. And very precise answer."

Vinicius Carvelho, Senior Software Architect, Warner Music Group

"Hazelcast is an incredibly well thought out and executed project. Our team was able to go from knowing nothing about it, to building out proof of concepts that were blazingly fast for some of our clients and several of these are being developed into full-blown applications. We’re very excited about what this offers us in flexibility, power, and wonderful support from the Hazelcast team."

Andrew Lombardi, Mystic Coders

"We use and like Hazelcast because it: has a very intuitive and powerful interface, unlike many other clustering products; can be learned quickly; is stable; has good and quick support and is being developed actively."

Hugo Zwaal, Software Architect, Ericsson

"Hazelcast is an integral component to our Resolve process automation platform. It provides a focused solution with simple, easy to understand API without the bloat / unused features commonly found in other competitive commercial solutions. We’re happy to support its continual growth and adoption by our customers demanding high availability and resiliency such as global financial institutions, telecommunication carriers and service providers."

Duke Tantiprasut, CTO, Resolve Systems

"We really appreciate using Hazelcast within some of our Java Services e.g. it’s used for a very performance critical part of the Activity-Stream that should definitely never fail. Especially it’s easy and intuitive api and setup impressed us. It’s one of those products you can use in a distributed environment without hours or days of configuration overhead."

Fabrizio Schmidt, Software Architect, VZnet

"I discovered Hazelcast one year ago or so – I was looking for in-memory cache solution (simplest to use and with minimal dependencies). I was really impressed from the beginning and still using it in my projects – API is amazing and super easy to understand! Currently I am working with one of the biggest investment banks and what I can say you – architects from that bank are discussing your project and almost came to conclusion to use it! It is awesome – believe me. Also I just started new project on top hazelcast called scale4j. The main idea to help people to write domain oriented highly scalable applications with minimal effort. I am using hazelcast itself plus second level cache provider and great web monitoring console.

Guys, please continue rocking! – Great job."

Andrew Molodcov, scale4j

"A very well thought of solution and an amazing piece of software which you have created! Distributed Data Structures, Distributed Executor Service, Cluster Services are amazing features of Hazelcast which we are using."

Sanjay Netrabile, VP Engineering,

"I am using Hazelcast for the implementation of an open source distributed storage system, JStorage. With its ease of use and provided support, Hazelcast is an exceptional product. In very short amount of time, I was able to setup the cluster I needed. Hazelcast support team answered all the questions I had in a reasonable amount of time. It is one of the few products I use with pleasure."

Ozcan Acar, Sun Java Champion, Kurumsal Java

"I was looking for a ‘messaging framework’ to be able to make my backend application servers communicate and synchronize with each other. I’ve tested several SDKs unsuccessfully (either not working, too complicated or not designed for my needs) .. and found Hazelcast (great screencast by the way) which simply do what it claims to do, simply and efficiently."

Nicolas Leonard, Co-Founder, A World For Us

"We are using Hazelcast for several years now and never saw an other product with this set of features. Distributed tasks is exactly the feature which fits into the scalability of apiOmat, and the implementation of such tasks is impressive every time again."

Andreas Fey, CTO, apiOmat

"I am satisfied, Christoph is doing a great job. We wished the OSGI support would be better though in your product."

Frank Langel, Enterprise Architecture Consulting Group

"Response to the presented issue was more than satisfactory, quick and attentive. The understanding of the issue was detailed and good conclusions were reached. Support was great!"

Federico Piagentini, IT Architect, eTrade

"Really impressed with the speed of the responses. Thanks!"

Lloyd Davies, Senior Developer, GameSys

"The response was great and solved the issue in a timely manner"

Anil Chandran, Manager – Release Engineering, Apple

"Responses were quick and to the point. After several iterations we've set up an online meeting, which was very constructive and pleasant. Thanks a lot!"

Vadim Azarov, Software Engineer, TEOCO

"Your response was very helpful for me. Thanks."

Aleksandr Klymchuck, SmartExe

"Excellent and timely support, I was impressed with the quality."

Tom Charlton, Canadian Pacific