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Apache Cassandra Enhancement

Apache Cassandra is one of the most popular NoSQL databases, supported by the database provider Datastax, known for high, persistent write performance and its consistency options when accessing data to speed up read operations. Often used to store huge amounts of data with high performance, full text search and column-based aggregations, Cassandra is a dual licensed (Apache License 2 and commercial enterprise) database engine with a no single-point-of-failure design. It offers capabilities that relational databases and other NoSQL databases cannot provide such as: continuous availability, linear scale performance, operational simplicity and easy data distribution across multiple data centers and cloud availability zones.

Hazelcast IMDG® is the leading open source and fastest in-memory data grid, providing fast writes and best available read performance, as well as high-performance data recovery from single node or cluster failures, and parallel processing. Commonly used for large volume, distributed, read heavy in-memory caches with low, consistent latency requirements, Hazelcast IMDG provides SQL-like queries and a high performant key-based data access, as well as custom data aggregations and operations at RAM speeds. Furthermore, Hazelcast® also provides a no single-point-of-failure architecture to overcome network issues and other disaster cases.

The fundamental limitation of Cassandra is that it is disk-based, not an in-memory database. This means that read performance is always capped by I/O specifications, ultimately restricting application performance. What can be processed on an in-memory system in a single minute would take forever on a disk-based system. Integrating Hazelcast IMDG with Cassandra makes data available at much lower latencies, milliseconds, than Cassandra can achieve independently. Importantly, the combined solution maintains the high availability and horizontal scalability of Cassandra.

Combining these two technologies can lift businesses to new levels of service availability with easy to achieve integration.

Hazelcast IMDG with Apache Cassandra Architecture

Hazelcast IMDG with Apache Cassandra Architecture

Use cases for integrating Hazelcast IMDG and Apache Cassandra range from caching of product catalogues for online stores for low latency over write-through caches with user account information, to advanced storage combinations with transactional data records for fast, near real-time business analytical insights. In general, everything that needs to be persistent but quickly accessible is a great fit for a Hazelcast-Cassandra companion setup.

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