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Web Session Clustering

Web and application servers can easily be made to scale out to handle huge loads by adding devices such as a load balancer. This has a second effect of providing redundancy. However for applications that use web sessions, this introduces a new problem. If a server goes down and the load balancer moves the user to a new server, the session is lost.

The solution to this problem is to provide web session clustering. Open source application typically provide a way to plug in a web session clustering solution, but do not provide the clustering mechanism. Commercial application servers may provide a clustering mechanism but it is typically not robust and not performant.

Hazelcast Web Session Clustering: No Lost Sessions

Hazelcast®, the leading in-memory data grid, provides this web session clustering. User sessions are maintained in the Hazelcast IMDG® cluster, using multiple copies for redundancy.

Hazelcast Web Session Clustering Architecture

In the event of an application server failure, the load balancer redirects to a new application server which has access to the user session. The hand off to the new application server is seamless for the user. This provides the highest level of customer experience.

High Performance and No Application Alteration

Hazelcast is an in-memory solution, so the performance of this web -session clustering and replication mechanism is very high. In addition, Hazelcast IMDG needs no alterations to your application tier, so you can perform Hazelcast web session clustering without modifying existing applications.

Easy to Scale Out

As your online business grows and customers increasingly use your website, Hazelcast can keep up with the load by adding new Hazelcast members to extend your cluster capacity.

Fast Session Access

Hazelcast IMDG is an in-memory data grid, so all data operations are handled in-memory. This gives users of your online business a better user experience.

Offload to Existing Cluster

You can configure Hazelcast Session Replication to use an existing Hazelcast Cluster as a session store. By doing so, your web servers will request session data from a central Hazelcast Cluster. That will help your development operations team save one less maintenance point across your company.

Application Server Support

Web session clustering with Hazelcast is available for: